Status of the Everything Bubble Created by the Fed

David Stockman, The Wall Street Journal recently brought word that a professor Efraim Benmelech of the finance department at Northwestern University thinks the Fed is hurting housing and the consumer too much. Opined he, …….those higher interest … Read more

Trump’s Good Couple Weeks

Kurt Schlichter, If CPAC 2023 proved anything, it was that Donald Trump still has his dedicated fans – from Brick Suit Guy (a smart, nice dude who fully absolutely gets the wackiness of his act) … Read more

And Now Riding Horses is Racist ?

Daniel Greenfield, “Sports were only developed for white people” Why not? Dogs and trees have already been adjudged racist. Time to take on white horse supremacy. Black Equestrians Want to Be Safe. But They Can’t Find Helmets. For Black riders … Read more