The Disturbing Religion of the Left

Allen West, Flying in the face of the foundation of this nation – and the constitutional right to be a believer. In case you have not noticed, something perverse and bizarre is happening in the … Read more

The 10 Rules of Propaganda

Brian Maher, Lord Arthur Ponsonby was a British diplomat and politician, dates 1871–1946. This keen and cagey fellow pinpointed 10 rules of propaganda. They are these: 1. We don’t want war, we are only defending … Read more

Porn Gets Worse and Democrats Embrace it

Rachel Alexander, One Newer Group Has a Novel Approach to Combat it. Efforts to decrease the use of porn have gone nowhere in recent years, and instead its use has skyrocketed due to the internet. … Read more

The Delusional States of America

Scott Hogenson, Take a look around America right now. Do you see any behavior reflecting a highly personal idea or belief system, not endorsed by one’s culture or subculture, that is maintained with conviction in … Read more

Systemic Racism in East Palestine

Daniel Greenfield, White privilege means poisoned water and air. Two years ago, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg announced that he was making the fight against “systemic racism” into the core of his job. The failed South Bend … Read more