Globalists Want Their Own President

John and Andy Schlafly, Globalists feel now is their time to pick the next American president. Bill Clinton was groomed by the world elite for decades until they made him president, and Hillary was to be … Read more

Why Are the Red State Republicans So Soft?

Kurt Schlichter, If you are a California conservative, you are probably pretty based. In fact, you are probably heads-on-spikes based. I go speak to these people and these nice Republican ladies show you their “RINO … Read more

Why Does The Left Want Your Child Dead?

Kevin McCullough, The political, theological, and cultural left want your children weaponized for their cultural purposes. They will go to any lengths necessary to do so. They would even see them commit suicide against your … Read more

The Fetterman Dilemma

Byron York, John Fetterman was sworn in as senator from Pennsylvania on Jan. 3. On Feb. 8, after 36 days in office, Fetterman was admitted to George Washington University Hospital in Washington after experiencing symptoms … Read more

No More Mr. Nice Con

Kurt Schlichter, The hideous notion that conservatives should always be nice is rearing its ugly and misshapen head again, and we need to crush its skull with a Louisville Slugger. Recently, Matt Walsh went off on some … Read more