15 Minutes Away From Terror

Jonathan Feldstein, At 9:34pm Thursday, I got a strange message from my daughter in our family WhatsApp group. “For all those who asked, I am ok and alive.” Since nobody asked, her sarcasm coupled with … Read more

Billions of Dollars Sent to Ukraine ?

Frank Furedi, The delicate matter of where the Ukrainian war money is going must be kept beyond reproach in the eyes of the public, lest the legacy of shady business dealings, bribery, and money laundering … Read more

To Catch the Chinese Tiger by the Tail

Jared Whitley, America Needs a Unified Strategy. When Sir John Glubb wrote his famous Fate of Empires essay in 1976, he surveyed historical trends to identify why great powers collapse and concluded that “internal political hatreds” that … Read more

Canadian Intel Intercepted Chinese Trudeau Plot

Daniel Greenfield, “They suggested one of Trudeau and Mao together” The revelation from last week that China had been covertly backing Trudeau’s party just got a lot worse. The documents say the Chinese Communist Party leadership in … Read more

Ukraine and Our Confused Foreign Policy

Bruce Thornton, When idealistic goals exceed political will and materiel grasp. The first anniversary of Russian’s invasion of Ukraine has come and gone, and the uncertainty about how that conflict will be resolved remains, despite … Read more

Lab-Grown Meat Is Made of Cancer Cells

Igor Chudov, Would You Like It Rare or Medium? USDA does not allow animal tumors to enter food chain. But lab-grown meat is made of tumor cells. According to Bill Gates and the World Economic … Read more