Politics, Empire, War

Bionic Mosquito, The creed of Nicea, the encyclical insisted, should ‘prevail over the orthodox people’ in all churches as the only symbol of the faith. The Council of Chalcedon Re-Examined, by V.C. Samuel It is … Read more

How to End the Ukraine War

Neil Patel, The war in Ukraine has been tragic for Ukrainians. It’s in America’s interest to dissuade other countries from rolling through their neighbors’ borders. Stability matters in the world. Other things matter, too. From … Read more

Biden’s Escalation Echoes LBJ’s Mistake

John and Andy Schlafly, Joe “don’t know much about history” Biden, as the song goes, escalates U.S. involvement in the no-win war in the Ukraine, in an echo of how a similar no-win escalation in Vietnam ended … Read more