Biden’s Banking Busts

Betsy McCaughey, The failure of three banks in the last two weeks, including Silicon Valley Bank on Friday and Signature Bank on Sunday, is a saga of utter government incompetence. Call these bank collapses Biden’s … Read more

The Disturbing Religion of the Left

Allen West, Flying in the face of the foundation of this nation – and the constitutional right to be a believer. In case you have not noticed, something perverse and bizarre is happening in the … Read more

Who’s Running America?

Daniel Greenfield, Two of the three branches of government are in the hands of the mentally incapable. Last week the Senate Democrat majority was hospitalized with Senator John Fetterman dispatched to a psych ward and … Read more

The 10 Rules of Propaganda

Brian Maher, Lord Arthur Ponsonby was a British diplomat and politician, dates 1871–1946. This keen and cagey fellow pinpointed 10 rules of propaganda. They are these: 1. We don’t want war, we are only defending … Read more

The Banking Collapse Has Begun

Alexandra Bruce, Last week, Tucker Carlson exposed the masses to the January 6th Hoax. • In the Proud Boys trial, leaked chat logs from FBI Special Agent Nicole Miller revealed that she was ordered by … Read more