CV19 mRNA Vaccines Were Meant to Harm & Kill People

Greg Hunter, Dr. Michael Palmer MD was a biochemistry professor at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and was fired from his job in 2022 when he refused the CV19 so-called “vaccine.”  He now helps run … Read more

Joe Biden Can Be Impeached for Bribery

News Thursday of payments from a Chinese Communist Party-linked company to members of President Joe Biden’s family amounts to a potential case for bribery, an impeachable offense under the Constitution. The House Oversight Committee revealed that in 2017, … Read more

Canadian Intel Intercepted Chinese Trudeau Plot

Daniel Greenfield, “They suggested one of Trudeau and Mao together” The revelation from last week that China had been covertly backing Trudeau’s party just got a lot worse. The documents say the Chinese Communist Party leadership in … Read more