To Catch the Chinese Tiger by the Tail

Jared Whitley, America Needs a Unified Strategy. When Sir John Glubb wrote his famous Fate of Empires essay in 1976, he surveyed historical trends to identify why great powers collapse and concluded that “internal political hatreds” that … Read more

Canadian Intel Intercepted Chinese Trudeau Plot

Daniel Greenfield, “They suggested one of Trudeau and Mao together” The revelation from last week that China had been covertly backing Trudeau’s party just got a lot worse. The documents say the Chinese Communist Party leadership in … Read more

Biden’s Escalation Echoes LBJ’s Mistake

John and Andy Schlafly, Joe “don’t know much about history” Biden, as the song goes, escalates U.S. involvement in the no-win war in the Ukraine, in an echo of how a similar no-win escalation in Vietnam ended … Read more